commercial services



From a standard approach point of view, commercial products can be classified via a system which is totally different from consumable products. This classification for commercial products is as below:

Installation: this is the most major item of investment and the cost to purchase them is depreciated in an acceptable economic time.
Equipment and accessories: smaller items in applied equipment including some handy tools with a shorter life span in comparison with the installation.
Presentation, repair and maintenance: these are some minor but necessary costs to operate the system.

Raw material: unprocessed base material belong to this group
Manufactured components and material: processed raw material which are used directly in a compound to create final product.
Commercial services: this group is divided in to two subgroups including maintenance services and commercial consulting services.
Please notice the difference between all above classifications is related to the method they are used for making the final product; and this item is the most important difference between them.

After all as you see our company regarding to its services which presents is classified in commercial services group. Now there is a question: what are these services exactly?
 Nowadays by using the advanced technology the distances become shorter and everything arrange much easier. International commerce is one of those fields that are affected by advanced technology a lot and now international business is working much easier than before. However there are still some challenges in international trading that even advanced technology can’t help.

These challenges are such as lack of knowledge of markets, culture and language problem, political issues, and lack of information of sources and still being of human recourse in target markets is the only way of solving those problems.
So in general our services include three types of activities:

Market research
Business development   

OPASA group with having a strong background in international trading is ready to help you regarding to your need. Just contact and our experts are here to follow your cases from beginning to the end.