About Us

With more than eight years of experience we had this chance to provide our customers various of high quality Iranian products with competitive prices in order to meet their full satisfaction.

Ofogh Padidar Sameh (OPASA) is one of the leading companies in Iran located in Isfahan city.

The purpose of establishing OPASA in Isfahan was to be close to many factories which are working in different fields in nearby industrial towns, so that we can have excellent cooperating with a large number of manufacturers.

We are engaged in marketing and exporting of Petrochemical and food products and Iranian stones as well. We can provide our big customers with private label for most products or work very closely with them to develop special products to meet their specifications.

OPASA group was established in 2010.

And now we are pleased to have this opportunity to present Iranian products to around the world and expand our business in many countries.

The main activity of OPASA group is as below:

Exporting petrochemical products

Exporting Iranian nuts and dry fruits

Exporting Iranian stones

Importing raw materials and machinery

Providing business services


We export Iranian products to introduce Iran and its high quality products in global market.

And also establish long term business relations with lots of companies abroad.

We are cooperating with our neighbor countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and other continents like Europe, and Africa as well.


OPASA group is also helping Iranian companies to import their requierments of raw material and machineries.

We are able to export and import a majority of products by having a noticeably diverse source of suppliers and customers in the world and handle all the import and export procedures from the producer door to the buyer door.


Providing business services is another type of assistance that OPASA group can offer to Iranian and non-Iranian companies.

OPASA Group experts are at the logistics with land and ocean shipment can arrange the customs affairs, movement, loading, preparing the document and etc.

For more information you can contact us any time.

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