Onyx is used extensively in building, stairs, interior decoration and decoration because it has high resistance to sunlight, heat, cold, and the rain. It also does not absorb the dust and is easy to clean. Due to these features, the price of onyx for interior decoration of houses is higher than other building stones.


Raisins are actually dried grapes and have many benefits. The raisins are in fact dried grapes and have a green, red and yellow color. It can be used in cooking, cake and in combination of nuts. Different types of this product are divided into four categories for drying: Dry under sunshine, which is reddened and is known as cooking. Dry in the shade, which is green. Dry, industrially and sparkling with a bright yellow and brown color.

The figs have a special place due to their delicious taste, the numerous therapeutic options and their warm nature.
Black figs have more antioxidants. It is very useful for many diseases. This nutritious food can be used in the form of fruit, dried fruit, jam, ice cream or dessert. The most important growing place for this product is in Estahban, Fars province.

Dried fruit exactly means any fruit or nut which is dried in a specific condition. They generally involve two groups: nuts such as walnut, pistachio, hazelnut and almond and dried fruits such as dates, raisin, fig and gheysi.
These high profile and of course delicious things can play a very important role in healthiness and funny moments.

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