Onyx is considered to be the most famous stone of the building, which has many fans in the world.
Its unique features include the brightness, clarity and polishness of this stone.
This stone is used extensively in building, stairs, interior decoration and decoration.

This stone does not absorb heat, and therefore its surface is always cool and used in the construction of flooring of building applications.

Another special feature of this stone is its high resistance to sunlight, heat, cold, and the rain.

This stone does not absorb the dust and is easy to clean.
Due to these features, the price of onyx for interior decoration of houses is higher than other building stones. Onyx is also used for sculpting and marble tiles.
There are the best Onyx mines in Iran and Italy, though Iranian stones  are superior to Italians due to their color variation and the white color is, of course, more prevalent than other colors.

Green onyx in Iran is used more to make shrines and blessed places.

Meanwhile, brown, orange, pink, and gray colors also has its own fans.

The following are the disadvantages of this stone:

1) It is porous and soft and reacts easily to acidic substances

2) The resistance of this stone is not high against scratches and rubbing

Iran annually exports a large number of types of construction stones to different countries, that a large percentage of this belongs to onyx stone.

There are different shape such as blocks, slabs and tiles which re available for traders to export to any country. There are many quarries in Iran and lots of them are in Isfahan, Kerman and Mahalat city. Many countries such as India, Iraq, Emirates, and China are the big buyers of Iranian stones.

Cutting of this stone in the quarries are done in the form of cutting wire.

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