Paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy is one of the new beauty services that is offered to customers by massage centers and beauty salons.

This action causes a deep hemorrhage of the skin and, by removing dead skin cells, causes skin pores to open.

It also has beneficial effects on collagenization of the skin, thereby reducing the aging process.

Another effect on the skin is that it eliminates the dullness of the skin and greatly enlarges the skin.

And as its name implies, the essential and essential material is solid paraffin.
Paraffin is a solid, white and odorless substance made from saturated hydrocarbons.

Of course, paraffin therapy is usually added to the essential oil, color, and vitamins needed for the skin.

Paraffin therapy for skin care is used that makes skin soft and flexible and has many fans.

The benefits of Paraffin therapy:

Skin cleansing Hand and foot

Relieve pain in joints and muscles
Creates moisture in the skin

Open the pores and eliminate dead cells
Refreshing and brightening the skin
Reduce facial wrinkles

Items needed:

Paraffin Therapy Device

Cosmetic paraffin wax

Body oil


 How to apply:

First, clean the device with antiseptic solution to prevent any skin disease.
Rinse the area thoroughly and dry

Put some paraffin inside the device to melt

Place your hand or toe several times inside the device to completely absorb paraffinThen put it in a plastic bag and wrap it around with a towel to stay warm

After 20 or 30 minutes remove the paraffin and clean up the skin

Then massage the skin with oil smoothly

Advice required:  

For Paraffin Therapy, visit the reputable centers
Ensure that the appliances are disposable

Use of high quality health paraffin

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