Raisins are actually dried grapes and have many benefits. Of these, a number can be mentioned:

• It is beneficial for bone health.
• Prevents osteoporosis.
• A rich source of vitamin D and estrogen hormones.
• In spite of being sweet, it prevents tooth decay.
• It creates a sense of relaxation and reduces stress.
• By eating a few raisins per day, you can treat your constipation.
• Helps to strengthen nerves.
• If you have muscle hypertrophy, use it.
• It is a rich source of fructose and glucose, and so it is popular in bodybuilding.
• Due to the presence of potassium, it can smooth the flow of blood and reduce blood pressure.
• If you suffer from insomnia, it can be effective.
• Because of its high antioxidant content, it helps you to have beautiful skin and hair.
• Lowers weight.

The raisins are in fact dried grapes and have a green, red and yellow color.
It can be used in cooking, cake and in combination of nuts. The most popular type of nuts is its combination with chickpea.
This compound has always been a child’s help in the cold days of school and the nights of the winter.
This dried fruit can be a more suitable substitute for sugar and consumed with tea.
Women who are interested in baking cakes are also aware of their popularity in making cakes, especially for children.
Different types of this product are divided into four categories for drying:
• Dry under sunshine, which is reddened and is known as cooking.
• Dry in the shade, which is green.
• Dry, industrially and sparkling with a bright yellow and brown color.
Notice that we have also a black raisin which is called currant. It is produced from big dried grape.

Iran is one of the countries producing and exporting this drought-rich property. The farms where grapes are grown are called vineyards.
The largest vineyards of Iran are in the cities of Qazvin, Hamedan, East and West Azarbaijan and Khorasan.

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