Shahid Rajaee port

Shahid Rajaee port

Shahid Rajaee port is one of the most important ports in Iran. It is also very noticeable in terms of import and export.

Approximately 55% of the total export and import process is borne by this commercial center. This yard is located 23 km west of Bandar Abbas and north of Qeshm Island and Strait of Hormuz. Due to having maritime relations with about 80 international ports, this port supports half of Iran’s total trade volume.

In addition, due to its geographical position, this port accounts for 70% of the total transit of the country’s ports each year.The area is about 4,800 hectares, which includes the range of operations and also the backyard.Its acceptance capacity is about 88 million tons of goods per year.

Prior to the start of the sanctions in 2011, the port cooperated with 30 shipping lines. Unfortunately, after the sanctions, this number declined significantly.For example, Tide Water Company ended its operation in the port after 2011.Due to this, the port has been removed from the list of active ports in the area of ​​import.

Shahid Rajaee port has capacity for huge ships berthing.The port was very crowded and energetic at a time. Unfortunately, I was almost shocked at the recent trip I was there because the port was very quiet. Most of the gantry cranes were unemployed and there was no container for handling.In total, there were 5 ships in the port.

From the conversations I had with the discharging of the workers and the personnel there, I realized that this situation is related to the post-sanction. It is very unfortunate that Shahid Rajai port with such greatness and capacity is useless these days.I hope that with the elimination of the problems, we will see positive changes in the present situation very soon.

I hope energy and blessing return to this commercial center, which is the hope of many families.

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