Business Service

business service

Business Services

Business service providing is another mission of OPASA group. And these business services are included of three types of activities:

  • Consulting
  • Market research
  • Business development

Market research:

Market research or finding the appropriate market is one of the key words in internet marketing. There are lots of producers and buyers. All of them mostly have some web sites. It will be so time consuming to find the target market. And there are unfortunately a lot of fake sites. So it is very risky to do this with having no assistant. OPASA is always there to introduce your product or find your supplier in Iran and all over the world just via its worldwide connections

Business development:

Business development is a way to staying in a good condition of business. There are lots of trader or producer companies who start good but have no development.

The key factor for being in completion with others is development. All business, in order to guarantee their existence, should be developed periodic.

OPASA can help you to develop your business and increase your connections not only in Iran but also in different potential economic zones in universe.


Consulting is a more trustable and less risky way to be successful. OPASA with a long experience in this field can be the best option. It can accompany you in finding a good market and appropriate partners. This group also can help you to develop your knowledge for investment in other countries.

Beside that our experts help organizations and traders to handle their import or export procedures .some activities in which they can act professional are as below:

  • Goods transportation
  • Custom clearance
  • Commodity standards
  • Order registrations and permissions
  • Banking and exchange transactions

OPASA group with having a strong background in international trading is ready to help you regarding to your need. Just contact us and our experts are here to follow your cases from beginning to the end. We believe our business services are the best, if you doubt so try it.

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