Export can help to every country’s economic a lot.

Nowadays by using the advanced technology the distances become shorter and everything arrange much easier.

 International commerce is one of those fields that are affected by advanced technology a lot. These days international business can work much easier than before.

 However there are still some challenges in international trading that even advanced technology can’t help. These challenges are such as lack of knowledge of markets, culture and language problem, political issues, and lack of information of sources. After all human recourse in target markets is the only way of solving those problems.

Because of that Ofogh Padidar Sameh (OPASA) with having a strong background in international trading is ready to help you to develop your business. And it is able to do it all around the world.

This company with having good business cooperation with qualified manufacturer can provide your needs in three different categories like:

  • Petrochemical products
  • Dried fruits and Iranian nuts
  • Iranian stones
  • Saffron

Iran has a specific geographical location, diverse climate and widespread natural sources. All above items has made a powerful supplier of it. This is the reason that there are maximum factories and petrochemicals located in Iran and suitable to export.

In a brief explanation, Iran is the industrial hearts of Middle east.We always try to introduce high quality Iranian products to the global market with most affordable prices. We only need to know about your needs and we will arrange all the process.

As you know of course there are different Inco terms in export process. You decide which terms are better depending on your conditions. What ever your choice is, we handle it from the beginning till delivering goods at your company door.

OPASA group can supply and handle your all requirements on behalf of you and ship to your intended destination while you are sitting in your office and having your coffee.

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