Import and export subjects are mostly known as international business.

And it is something more than a commercial or economic policy for different countries.

In modern world, international trading plays not only an economic role but also a political, cultural and scientific role. So it means his characteristic makes it a very important subject.

 One more reason that leads to its importance is the process of business globalization.

International businesshelps countries to exchange their extra sources in the world and at the same time supply their shortages.

Entrance in to the worldwide market enables the countries to increase their capacity of sales and benefits. And all these activities lead to their growth.

International activities are not to be supposed as some unnecessary activities.

In order to know correlation between countries and markets as well as recognizing the concept of principles in different sciences e.g. marketing, they are unavoidable.

In process of markets globalization, national boundaries and traditional policies are changed in economy and commerce.

All companies on the way of globalization face with huge challenges in different countries. So knowing and selecting the correct markets becomes an unavoidable subject.

Import is the process of supplying the shortages of a country via purchasing from other countries.

And this case can be a cargo, equipment or a service depending on the requests.

As the international markets are more complicated in comparison with local market, studying them is not so simple. You definitely need a proper plan to achieve this purpose.

What Ofogh Padidar Sameh (OPASA) does for local companies is helping them to find suppliers in abroad. It dos it regarding to their requests which is mostly focused on:

Raw Materials needed for production lines


We work not only on import and export but also on applying any opportunity to develop the globalization phenomenon of international business.

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