Saffron, this popular and useful additive for cooking is kind of gold.

There are lots of saffron farms in Iran and a big amount of this product is grown up annually.

Saffron has a strong and delightful smell and also wonderful color.

Saffron has lots of usages for example in the past it was used as perfume.

It also has several drugs use and help people to save their health.

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Saffron also famous as golden spice has a fantastic color, smell and taste.

It has more than 150 antioxidant compound including carotenoids, safranal, crocin.

This spice with a hot and dry nature is a rich source of vitamin A.  It is mostly used in powder shape. You can use it in cooking or making a delicious drink.

It usually grows up in autumn and its height is between 25 to 35 millimeters.

It has lots of therapy characteristics for human body.

Some of them are as below:

  • Skin and hair protection
  • Some diseases curing
  • Baby healthiness

Unfortunately there are both original and fake saffron. Here in order to help you we introduce some methods to recognize the original one:

As the price of this cargo is very high so some people cover its sprout with oil, salt or sugar. In this way they can increase its weight.  So if the sprout is unnaturally shiny, you have to doubt. At this time you have to put it between your fingers or on a piece of paper and press it.

If your finger or paper changes to oily then you can be sure it is impregnated.

Another way of cheating is using the artificial colors. You can check it in laboratory.

The appearance of this product is also a good way to recognize its originality. This flower looks like carnation and the end of it is jagged, flat and scissor shaped.

Dark red color is the origin color of saffron, if it is light or seems somehow shiny so you have to doubt.

Nutritional value:

Calorie: 310

Fat: 6 gr

Carbohydrate: 65 gr

Fiber: 3.9 gr

I think you have better to think about entering this useful and delicious to your diet plan more seriously.

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