Iranian Stones

Iranian Stones

Iranian stones enable you to create and build your dream house.

OPASA group is one of the existing suppliers for stone in Iran.

 This company is renowned for having high quality collection of stones.

All of our products are carefully selected to give you this feeling that you had made a right decision.

Stones have different types and you can find Iranian marble, Granite and travertine very famous in international market.

Based on customers inquiry we can deliver stones in bloc, slab and even tile.

Here we are going to give a little basic information of different type of some famous Iranian Stones.



This kind of stone is from sedimentary rocks.

Travertine due to mineral compounds is mostly like limestone.

But the presence of holes in the rock surface and background patterns make it different from limestone.

 Travertine is usually cut in two ways that each one gives a different look to the stone.

The usage of Travertine stones are such as:

Building flooring in and outside of the buildings

Making stone fireplaces

It’s interesting to know that the most famous historical buildings that is made of travertine stone are Closseum in Italy, famous church called Sacre-Coer in Paris and Getty center in Los Angeles.


Granite is a colorful igneous rock that has colorful beads in its structure that you can see them simply.

Granite is available in different colors like red, yellow, black, pink, gray and white.

 Granite is well known and has various usages in your daily life. Some sample of  things that are made of granite are such as:

Kitchen counter

Rooms floor


Memorials buildings

and so on.

 You can always find more and more types of stones in the market and your choice depends on the purpose of purchasing.

So by getting advice from our experts you can have the best choice.


Marble stone is one of deluxe and elegant type of stone for using on buildings floor.

Marble is mostly divided in white and colorful groups.

The colorful type you can find in black and white, green, gray and brown color.

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